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How to lose weight without dieting

lose weight without dieting
Lose weight without ‘dieting’

The topic of diets, exercise and losing weight has been discussed and written about countless times over the years. There are endless diet programs, eating plans, gym memberships, exercise plans and more out there – all claiming that they can help you lose weight. How many of these have you tried? How much money have you spent on memberships to different programs and gym memberships or personal trainers?

Sure, you may have even had some success and dropped the pounds… but have you ever managed to sustain the weight loss over a period of time? If not, read on and I will tell you how I can help you to achieve sustained success whether or not you follow an eating plan or exercise plan. I have been where you are and have only recently understood the power of a positive mindset and removing my negative emotions and limiting beliefs so that I can live my life as my ideal size NOW, not once I’ve finally achieved it. What a difference I have noticed in myself and my attitude to eating and exercise!

The theory

You know the theory of losing weight: calories consumed needs to be less than calories burned. Simple right? So why do so many of us struggle to sustain any kind of diet or eating program? The reason is because most of these programs or plans do not address the impact of your emotions and limiting beliefs on your attitude towards eating and exercise. I have tried paid, supported programs as well as other ‘DIY’ eating plans. I’ve even had some fantastic results on them. I understand the theory behind all these programs and eating plans, but I couldn’t sustain it for more than a year at best.

What about exercise?

I’ve lost track how many hours I’ve spent on the treadmill, rowing machine, elliptical machine, weight training, walking, running, counting steps over my life time. Not to mention the money spent on gym memberships, personal trainers, exercise apps, step trackers etc. I remember watching the calories burned clock up, thinking: “That’s only half the donut I ate at lunchtime!” Feeling defeated at how long I would need to stay on the treadmill to break even just on the donut, not to mention everything else I had already eaten that day. Yes, there were times when I was super motivated and actually enjoyed going to the gym… but then something would happen to throw me off my proverbial stride and I would stop going before cancelling the membership altogether.

Your mindset is your greatest asset

During my training as an NLP Coach and Practitioner I got to experience the amazing benefits of NLP for myself. NLP is short for neuro-linguistic programming. Broken down, neuro refers to how you think and interpret your experiences using your five senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch); linguistic is how you communicate through language; and, programming is your behaviour feelings and emotions. NLP is about understanding how they all interact with one another to create the positive or negative results you get in life. If you can understand this better or change your way of thinking, you can change the outcome.

Emotional eating

You have heard the term ‘emotional eating’ – what is that? It means that you are using food, usually unhealthy food, to fill a ‘hole’ inside yourself. You are focussing on what is missing in your life or what you DON’T want, which is to not be overweight. Through my NLP training I was supported to remove my past negative emotions and something amazing happened! Without even focussing on my eating habits or exercise I immediately started feeling ‘lighter’, I had removed my past negative emotions and found that I am no longer automatically reaching for a chocolate bar or anything unhealthy. I am even thinking twice when I automatically go into the kitchen and open the fridge or cupboard to look for something to eat!

Reframe Your Frame©

This got me thinking… What if I could help others to understand how their emotions impacted on their attitude to eating and exercise? I can work with you to remove your past negative emotions and limiting beliefs. I will help you discover what really motivates you and utilise this to focus on what you need to do. I will install your goal of your ideal size in your future and you will find your mindset shift to making small changes in your life that will lead to your ideal size.

What have you got to lose?

What have you got to lose other than the weight itself? How much is your long-term health worth to you? Complete the form below to receive your FREE Ten Ways to Lose Weight Without Dieting guide. Let me know if you are interested in finding out more by completing the boxes below.

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