Corporate Mindfulness

Corporate Mindfulness
Happy employees = flourishing business

As employees are coping with the constant changes to their working environment, this can cause additional stressors and anxiety. Practising mindfulness is a great way to deal with general life and work pressures as well as the additional stressors added by the pandemic.

Many employers are recognising that their employees’ mental health and wellbeing are crucial to a happy workforce and successful business.

I offer two options:

A 30 minute Mindfulness Taster Session for up to 20 employees as at a time

These sessions cover the fundamental principles and benefits of mindfulness as well as three quick and easy techniques to practise mindfulness every day.

Prices start from £60 per session


An 8 week Mindfulness Course for up to 10 employees.

This requires a commitment of one hour per week and employees need to be supported to attend all sessions to get the most out of the course. This includes a workbook for employees to work through in between sessions.

The program will cover:

Week 1: Introduction to Mindfulness
Week 2: Mindfulness and the Body
Week 3: Values, Beliefs, Thoughts, Feelings and Actions
Week 4: Confidence
Week 5: Kindness
Week 6: Stress Management and Resilience
Week 7: Mindfulness in the Work Place
Week 8: Mindfulness as a Mindset

Princes start from £600 per 8 week course

Discounts are available for multiple bookings.